Wondering through the infinite Mediterranean Sea, the compass of your instinct shall lead you to the unique jewel of insular Greece and the mythical island of Crete. The island's historic importance in today's world as the home of the Minoan civilisation, Europe’s first, with archaeological finds at Knossos, Festos and Gortys, is evidenced by the tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. Within its diverse area of more than 8,000 square kilometres, there are many other jewels just waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous explorers of holiday treasures. Gifted by nature, Crete has 1,000 kilometre-long coastline, which throbs with limitless bays, crystal waters of beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea. Crete’s blessed and breath-taking landscapes combined with stunning mountain ranges are dotted with caves and sliced by dramatic gorges, and its rugged interior is blanketed in olive groves, wild flowers and rare aromatic herbs. As soon as you shall get acquainted with the discrete island of Crete, you shall realize the reason why this island is considered to be the ideal tourist resort for your vacations. The traditional Cretan mentality of the hospitable inhabitants composes an immaculate icon of excellence that shall definitely conquer you all. As you shall wonder through the hospitable settlement, you shall soon come across the modern, neoclassic and functional complex of Ourania Apartments.

The Ourania Apartments, a lodgement of unique aesthetics, will be waiting to welcome you and offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay, in a quiet and family environment, providing you, at the same time, with polite and integrated servicing of high quality. If you haven’t visited Crete yet, this year may be the time to come and discover our fascinating island at Ourania Apartments. If we capture your heart, don’t worry! Come back next year and we will welcome you once more with our smile, the burning Cretan sun, the sounds of the Cretan lyre, the scents of orange blossom and jasmine, a slice of cool red watermelon and a glass of iced “raki”. We hope we will have the pleasure to welcome you soon and offer you the authentic Cretan Hospitality.

Kalogerakis family

Ourania Apartments - Superior Studio - Interior


Ourania Apartments Gouves Crete - Pool


Ourania Apartments Gouves Crete -  Exterior