The resort has been built in a “village” form for your relaxing holidays. There are plenty of gardens, full of olives oil trees and Mediterranean flowers that give you the true local atmosphere of Crete. The apartments are spacious with their own equipment and balcony / terrace. The story of the hotel began in the early 80’s when the first 4 apartments were built. 4 villas... In the beginning of 90’s there were 6 villas and it was time to change and invest to a new concept. Tourism was turning into a big business, but small and elegant hotels are the traditional accommodation that gives the customer the true local feeling. In 2006-2007 we had a big remodelling project that reshaped the hotel to a modern-looking resort. In 2018 we opened the new buildings that expanded the hotel to total 57 apartments. The new superior apartments have the modern design and premium equipment that improves your holiday experience even more. Every year we give all of our efforts to make your holidays unforgettable and enjoyable as never before.